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Silverpop Recognized For Innovation In Award Show

John Vinson Posted by

At the end of every year, it’s inevitable that a slew of awards are given out. In 2009, there were even more so with the turning of the decade. Econsultancy , a group known for digital marketing and e-commerce devised their own list of awards for those in the industry. They’re called ‘Innovation Awards’. Over 400 applications were sent in for 22 different categories. The awards were decided upon by an international panel consisting of some high profile names: Nielsen Online Digital Strategic Services, Google, Honda, and many others. Econsultancy is a source of advice to over 80,000 people world wide.

Silverpop was recognized with one of these awards for their proprietary Send Time Optimization (STO) feature. The service allows marketers to tackle a long standing problem in the world of email – deciding the best days and times to send email to recipients. The STO feature created by Silverpop analyzes behavior of these recipients and then comes up with an optimal solution for send times. Upon analyzation, STO then delivers the messages, showing up in prospective inboxes at the times they’re most likely to be opened.

A major problem that STO solves is having to setup multiple mailings for different time zones. Will Schnabel, vice president of international markets for Silverpop, had this to say, “We’re very proud to have been recognized for our efforts in the email marketing space, and to be the only email service provider to be honored in the prestigious Econsultancy Innovation Awards.”

He continues, “Such recognition underscores Silverpop’s commitment to bringing forward new solutions that help our clients better their email marketing practices in ways that are both innovative and easy to use. We will continue to focus on this in 2010 and beyond as we strive to help marketers nurture lasting relationships between companies and their customers, deliver a high ROI and generate measurable results.”

Atkins Nutrionals, the weight management program which has grown in popularity over the years, has just signed with Silverpop to expand their email database. They’re scaling back on print and TV ads until spring, and are focusing primarily on email advertising. To do so, they’ve taken their in-house monthly newsletter and put it in the hands of Silverpop who plans on turning it into a weekly one.

Congratulations to Silverpop for being recognized as innovators in the email marketing industry. Here’s hoping we continue to see advancements in the field going into 2010.

About the Author: John is a staff writer for WebProNews.

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