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Newsletters: A More Human Approach

Jim Connolly Posted by

When you share your news with your friends via an email, your email looks like a regular email; no glossy images, no “buy now” offers – Just an email from you, to them.

When businesses decide to offer newsletters, they tend to do the opposite.  There’s usually little if any actual NEWS and the whole thing tends to look and read like a poorly disguised commercial.

So, this got me thinking:

  • What if you treated the people who read your current newsletter, as if they were already friends?
  • What if you sent them actual news and asked how THEY are?
  • What if you sent it NOT on some bullshit automated schedule, but only when you had something of value or interest to share?
  • What if some of them contained NO special offers or sales pitches?
  • What if some were just offering to help?

Business is all about people

Is it possible that this approach would help you develop a deeper, richer relationship with your readers, than the usual; “we call it a newsletter but there’s no actual news, I just want to sell you stuff,” approach?  Because if it did, it could massively improve how they felt about you and your business.

Why does that matter?  It matters because business is all about people.  People do business with people they like.  People recommend people they like.

Now, if for some reason you think you absolutely have to send glossy, salesy-looking newsletters, how about offering a more humanized version too; just for those who would like to connect with you on a more personal level?  It’s just a thought.

What do you think?


About the Author: Jim Connolly has worked in marketing for 24 years and had his own successful marketing business since the mid 1990's. Jim is known worldwide for his ability to help small businesses make massively more sales and boost their profits. Although Jim now works exclusively with small businesses, he has worked with people from some of the best known companies in the world. These include; The BBC, Disney, Rothschilds, Mitsibishi, Hewlett Packard, Edelman and AWD PLC plus many more. To see how he can help your small business, visit his blog at Jim's Marketing Blog.

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